Military Ministry

Acts 2 Church is committed to serving our nation by supporting those with the difficult task of providing for our national security through the military. In order to impact the world we have teamed up with Cru Military, a division of Campus Crusade for Christ.

The military is a unique culture within any country that requires unique ministry.  It has its own support systems, rhythms of life, and challenges. Today, many military families are separated because of deployments, causing relationship challenges that many civilians do not face. Many men and women in the armed forces experience and have to learn to cope with the effects of war.  Common challenges like leadership stress and peer pressure are often felt with greater intensity within military communities. We are passionate about helping the global military community. We want to see members of the armed forces everywhere come to know Christ. Currently this mission is being lived out not only in the United States but also with the militaries of 26 other countries.

At Acts 2 we designate a percentage of our offering to provide military members with the necessary tools for them to develop a relationship with Jesus Christ and to grow in their faith. One provision we have supported is the Rapid Deployment Kit which supplies troops preparing to deploy with a camouflage Bible, a daily devotional and a Would You Like to Know God Personally? booklet. These kits are making a difference in the lives of our troops.