Compassion International


Acts 2 Church helps support three children through Compassion International.  This is a global organization committed to alleviating the effects of world poverty by setting up campuses devoted to teaching God’s word and providing for vital physical needs.  Two of the children live in Africa; Abel an eight year old boy from Ethiopia and Elupe a ten year old boy from Uganda.  Jileinny is an eleven year old girl from the Dominican Republic.The funds contributed are used to help purchase needed food, clothing and medicine for these children who live in some of the world’s poorest communities.  We also communicate through letters and really enjoy writing to and hearing from these wonderful children while we continue to hold them close in prayer.  
Elupe Moses -- UgandaJileinny De Paula Reyes -- Dominican RepublicAbel Moses -- Ethiopia
Elupe Moses -- Uganda
Jileinny De Paula Reyes -- Dominican Republic
Abel Moses -- Ethiopia

For more information or to submit a letter to any of these children, please contact:
Donna Stanaitis at