Family Promise

Family Promise of Western Waukesha County was developed to provide a collaborative community effort linking existing community resources together to provide cost effective shelter, meals, and support services to local homeless children and their families, assisting them to achieve and sustain independence.  This mission is accomplished through the collaborative effort of the Family Center, Transportation, Social Services, Volunteers and the Host and Support congregations who provide temporary housing, meals and assistance to families.
Family Promise
  • Provides a cost effective way to offer hospitality, provide shelter, meals, and support services for homeless children and their families while transitioning them into stable housing.
  • Uses existing resources – collaborating effort linking religious/secular organizations in our community to solve a local problem.
  • Provides a comprehensive approach to assisting families to find housing, job counseling, tutoring, and other support services by linking with already existing services.
Acts 2 church is in the beginning stages of becoming a supporting congregation and we are looking forward to being involved in helping children and their families transition toward independence. For more information call Steve Trampe #262-370-9218.