Pastor Steve

Pastor Steve and Patty Trampe                 Since he began a relationship with Jesus Christ in 1978, Pastor Steve has worked at helping people develop faith and grow to become fully devoted followers of Christ. His plan was to become a Christian Wilderness Camp Director, but God’s plan was for Him to serve in the local church, although the outdoors continues to be a passion in his life. He began full time ministry as a Youth Pastor in 1985, and in 1988 began 23 years as an associate pastor with Pastor Mike Frans, a time where he credits Mike with helping him grow as a shepherd and leader.  After a 3 year ministry hiatus, Steve is honored to team up with the people of Acts 2 as together they seek to make a difference throughout our community and our world.


Contact information for ministries

Worship Services – Steve Trampe: 262-370-9218                   

Small Groups – Doreen Kovatch: 262-547-5334                         

Community Outreach – Mike Stanaitis: 262-363-9667                

International Ministry – Eric Kovatch: 262-547-5334               

Youth Ministry – Eileen Lurvey: 262-719-5426                            

Leadership Team – Mark Lurvey: 262-965-3373