In 2006, Acts 2 Church was founded by a group of people with a desire to love God and love people. Together we sought to make a difference in our broken world by seeking to apply the principles found in the Word of God, specifically those in the book of Acts chapter 2.
  • “They devoted themselves to the apostles teaching and fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayers. And a deep sense of awe came upon the people and the apostles performed many miraculous signs and wonders. And all the believers met together and shared everything they had. They sold their property and possessions and shared with those in need. They worshiped together in the temple and met in homes, sharing meals together with great joy and generosity, all the while praising God and enjoying the goodwill of all the people. And each day the Lord added to their fellowship those who were being saved.
 While our founding members came from a Lutheran background, we are a community of people who are growing in our desire to know the Lord and His Holy Word and follow Him as best we can. The most important aspects of Acts 2 have always been our desire to:
  • Follow God and his Biblical teachings;
  • Commune and grow together spiritually; and
  • Reach out into the world through action and prayer.

God has richly blessed Acts 2 as a congregation and individually, and to those whom He blesses, He expects faithful use of His gifts (The Parable of the Talents, Matthew 25:14-30). With this in mind,  from our beginning we have committed to designate a growing portion of our financial resources to assisting organizations who share God’s love through practical assistance and the gospel message.  The gospel is the greatest gift He has entrusted to us, so we also seek to share the good news with our words and our lives, until the harvest is complete.  Please — Come join us in serving our Lord and His creation as we travel through life with Him until we join Him face to face in our eternal home.